Presentation Topic: Fight Boring Advertising with SuperHeroes

SuperHeroes is an international, creatively driven, digitally native agency with one mission: to save the world from boring advertising.

Technology is improving the world they say. But is it making our lives better? How do we create campaigns that people will choose to follow? 
We SuperHeroes believe tech needs to have a human touch. A collaboration between technology and creativity is necessary to make advertising less boring and to make sure our brands get noticed.

In our presentation we will show how bits and bytes, as well as nuts and bolts, can be replaced by creativity and feathers. We will also demonstrate how we are using technology to attain greater engagement with our audiences.

Rogier Vijverberg


Rogier Vijverberg is the Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director at SuperHeroes. Rogier kicked off at Young & Rubicam. But as he loved fooling around on the web, he got into digital in 1997 and started pioneering. He is a digital doyen with over 30 national and international awards.

In 2009 it was time to uncover his spandex. SuperHeroes has, in just a few years, become a hideout for global brands seeking attention, such as LG, Diesel, Converse, ASUS, Desperados and Coca Cola. Based in Amsterdam and New York, SuperHeroes is undeniably storming the world.

Django Weisz Blanchetta

Headshot Django_Singapore.jpg

Django Weisz Blanchetta co-founded SuperHeroes in 2009. Django leaps suavely into the path of challenges and is not afraid to take on the mightiest tasks. His brave and innovative approach to management, as well as an irreverent sense of humor, has led SuperHeroes to safeguard and amplify the brand power of a great roster of global clients. He learnt that dedication, focus, and working with the best people are all essential ingredients when fighting mediocrity in every form.