Harnessing the
Potential of Technology in Communications

The second edition of the WKW Engage Conference gathers senior leaders in the communication industry to share insights and trends that help practitioners navigate through changes in the creative, media and digital landscape.   

This year’s theme is "Harnessing the Potential of Technology in Communication" and seeks to engage industry practitioners in discussions on the exploration and application of technology to modern-day integrated marketing campaigns. The conference promises a panel of established brands that are at the forefront of digital communication.

WKW Engage Conference will conclude with an Industry Mixer. The event will provide alumni members a chance to speak and network with various industry professionals, allowing them to strengthen their professional relations and expand on their personal network.


Past Year Highlights

Digital media has taken the world by storm. To succeed in this digital economy, brands are hard-pressed to place digital at the core of their overall communication strategy.

The first edition, "Navigating the Digital Economy" conference provided a platform for industry practitioners and students to learn how top agencies, brands and influencers navigate the digital economy and engage the billions of viewers in the digital space.


A Ponds Case Study

Heidi Eusebio
Managing Director,
Consumer Marketing,

Video Presentation

Dr. Leslie Tay
Owner & Content Producer,

Plenary Presentation

Cassi Yang
Business Development
& Accounts,

About Us

WKW Engage is a society led by an executive committee of nominated student leaders from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication at Nanyang Technological University with a passion to shape the future of communication through continued education and collaboration.

Recognizing that the media industry is facing unprecedented challenges to existing business models, an evolving media landscape and shifting consumer trends, WKW Engage brings together professionals in the communication industry to build know-hows and deepen understanding of trends and insights so as to better leverage on innovation and new technologies. Another objective of WKW Engage is to be a platform to expand the network for communication professionals and facilitate career progression in communication. 

Founded in 2016, WKW Engage receives advice from Ms. Wong Pei Wen, a lecturer at the School. If you are interested in any of our events or want to get involved, please contact us.